North Carolina Timber Sales and Marketing

North Carolina Timber Sales & Marketing Services

GFR Forestry Consultants facilitates timber sales for landowners of all sizes.  Here at GFR, we are familiar with rural landowners in North Carolina who wish to manage their properties for timber sales, crops, or hunting lands. With a strong foundation in hands-on experience, our registered foresters stay up-to-date on local timber market dynamics, climate variations, pricing and project expectations offering the best advice for timber sales in North Carolina. 

Our certified foresters can provide accurate timber volume and value estimation for your property. One of our foresters will meet with you, visit your land, and perform a thorough timber appraisal, including tree measurements, soil tests, and counting and mapping of the variable timber on your property. Knowing that each property and every landowner is different, we will cater your timber appraisal for your specific timber stand and your objectives as a landowner. After a complete analysis, we can provide you with an up-to-date report of the timber market and value estimation for your timber.

It is our goal to help you maximize the value of your timber revenue with an honest timber appraisal and strong representation for you and your products when it goes to market. By helping you prepare your timber sales, organizing a sales announcement and marketing plan, and managing the different bids for your timber, GFR Forestry Consultants will ensure that you get the most out of your timber investment.

It takes more than just cutting and selling your timber to maximize your investments. GFR Forestry offers extensive and proven methods to manage your timber and forestland so that you can have positive timber revenue year after year. Each timber management plan is custom designed for your property, timber variety, and goals as a rural landowner. Use our contact page to set up a timber appraisal.