NC Forestry Consulting and Appraisal Services

GFR, The Leader in NC Forestry Consulting and Appraisal Services

The staff at GFR Forestry Consultants has decades of experience living and working on rural North Carolina properties and helping landowners get the most out of their investments. We strive to forge long-term and trustworthy personal relationships with our business partners in order to sustain the growth, strength, and value of a property and its facets. GFR Forestry Consultants specialize in forest conservation, timber management, wildlife management, and long-term forestry investment analysis.

Whether you need a timber appraisal or stump cruise for 15 acres of land or a long term forest management plan with reforestation and wildlife management, the certified GFR Foresters and consultants have the professional perspective and necessary initiative to execute the right plan for you. We will work closely and communicate with you throughout the timber appraisal process and explain, in terms that you will understand, what needs to be done to your land, why it should be done a particular way, and what results you should expect from your investments.

We take serious pride in our services improving your forestry investments. GFR Foresters are professional, friendly, and will apply their specific local knowledge to design and implement the best timber management plan that will facilitate the growth of your timber or exotic wildlife. Owning rural property and timberland in North Carolina provides opportunity to gain or expand your business and maximize recreation. Let GFR Forestry Consultants help you get the most out of your land!

Our services range from short term actions to long term timber management. GFR Forestry Consultants can perform pulpwood thinning, insect control and disease management, boundary line maintenance, fire protection measures, GIS mapping, hunt and lease management, and more! See our Services page for more information and contact us today to see how we can assist your with timber appraisals, timber management, and complete forestry investment analysis.