A Piece of NC History


Source: www.hopeplantation.org

The King-Bazemore house was originally owned and built by planter William King in Bertie County, NC. It was built in 1763 and is one of the few remaining examples of the “hall and parlor” design. The building was moved to the nearby Hope Mansion (home of former NC governor David Stone) for restoration in 1978. Both buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places. The grandfather of one of our foresters, Stephen, was partially raised in this house.

Hope Plantation is open to the public and offers tours daily. For more information visit:  http://www.hopeplantation.org/

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Carolina Bays: A Unique Ecosystem


This aerial image shows many elliptical depressions in Bladen County, NC. Some are filled with water, while others are not. Map: GFR Forestry Consultants, PLLC ; Aerial Imagery: http://www.nconemap.com

Carolina Bays are intriguing geological formations often seen in Eastern North Carolina (as well as other states along the East Coast).  What are Carolina Bays and what makes them so unique?

Carolina Bays are elliptical geological depressions, oriented from Northwest to Southeast, and often occurring in clusters. Sometimes they are filled with freshwater and can vary in depth and size.  The term “bay” doesn’t actually refer to the water inside the depressions, but rather type of trees that grow around them.  Three species of trees: loblolly bay, sweet bay, and red bay, as well as other wetland plants grow in and around the Carolina Bay.

Perhaps the most fascinating characteristic of bays is that no one knows how they were formed.  Their orientation and frequency along the coastal plain, as well as the important wetland plant species that grow nearby, has led them to become a frequently studied ecosystem. Scientists have come up with plenty of theories for their formation: groundwater upwellings, ocean currents, and even meteor showers are a few of the most compelling arguments.

We may not know what created these interesting geological features, but we are able to appreciate their beauty.  In North Carolina, many parks such as Lake Waccamaw State Park and Jones Lake State Park have been established to educate and preserve the beauty of these bays. GFR even has an office in the town bordering Lake Waccamaw.

For more information, check out this article and video:

UNC-TV Science- Carolina Bays

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America’s First Forest- Tomorrow Night!



Tune in to UNC-TV tomorrow night, February 3rd, at 8pm to see the new film about the Biltmore Estate’s forest manager, Carl Schenck, and the foundation of the America’s first school of forestry.  Filmed in the Pigsah National Forest (originally owned by the Vanderbilts), this film shows the rich history of North Carolina and how Forest Management developed in the U.S.

For more information, check out:

America’s First Forest- Film

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How to Plant a Longleaf Pine

If you received one of our longleaf pine seedlings at this year’s Southern Farm Show, here are the planting instructions.

1. Pick a sunny, well-drained spot to plant.

2. Using a shovel, sink the blade into the ground and rock it back and forth several times to open a planting slit. The hole does not have to be deeper than the plug of the seedling.

3. Place the seedling in the slit, with 1/4 to 1/2″ of the root plug exposed above the ground level.

4. Sink the shovel blade into the ground about 4″ from the seedling, and rock it back and forth to tighten and close the planting slit at both the bottom and top of the hold.

5. Gently pack the soil around the seedling with the ball of your foot. The bud at the base of the needles should be above ground level and free of any loose dirt.

6. Water the seedling only during very dry times or if its needles begin to turn pale green or brown due to drought stress.

7. Flag or otherwise mark your seedling to protect it from lawn mowers and weed eaters. The tree will resemble a clump of grass for the first year (or even two), but will soon thereafter begin rapid height growth.

Longleaf Pine Seedling

Longleaf Pine Seedling

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GFR Partnerships: Forest Stewards Guild


    GFR is grateful to have worked with some excellent organizations in 2015.  One of these groups is the Forest Stewards Guild, an organization committed to responsible forest management.

    Read the attached flyer to see what the Forest Stewards Guild did in 2015, including working with GFR in bottomland hardwood forests of North Carolina.

Forest Stewards Guild-2015 Annual Report

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New Employee Spotlight- Alex

In continuing with our “new” employee spotlight, we introduce Alex!

Alex Thompson Pic

Alex Thompson

When did you start working at GFR:
December 2014

Position at GFR & geographic region:
Forester in Central to Eastern VA

A.A.S. in Forest Management Technology at Montgomery Community College
B.S. in Forest Management at North Carolina State University

Area of Forestry Interest:
Hardwood Management

Favorite part of your job:
Working with landowners and helping them meet their objectives.
Tell us a little about yourself… 
I grew up in Seagrove, NC with my mom, dad, and one sister. In my free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends. Some of my favorite activities are going camping, hiking, and canoeing. I also enjoy shooting sports.


Welcome, Alex!

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Forestry for Women Tour-Nov 4th 2015

WomeninForestryFor all women interested in forestry and land management,

GFR’s very own Mary Lacey Tate will be hosting a tour of her property in Pender County, NC. The tour will highlight land that is being managed for timber, wildlife, recreation, and water quality.

It will be a great opportunity to learn about many aspects of land management, including: savings on property taxes, federal and state cost-share programs, and estate planning.

The event will run from 9am-3pm and pre-registration is required. Come join us for this fun and informative event.

See attached flyer for complete details:

Forestry for Women Flyer

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NC Ash Trees Under Quarantine


Source: www.emeraldashborer.info

North Carolina has recently put ash trees under quarantine, thanks to an invasive insect called the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). This beetle, originally from eastern Asia, was first found in Michigan in 2002 and has been working its way south, killing millions of ash trees on its way.

The insects lay their eggs in ash trees, which are the preferred food for larvae.  The larvae then feed on the wood underneath the bark, disrupting the trees ability to take up water and nutrients.  Eventually, the tree becomes so starved for these essential nutrients that it dies.

Currently, ash trees that have been logged can not be moved outside of NC.  Do your part to limit the spread of EAB, by not moving untreated timber outside of the state.

Most importantly, do not move firewood at all (even between counties) as it increases the rate at which EAB spreads.

To learn more:

National Website for Emerald Ash Borer

NC Forest Service- Emerald Ash Borer FAQ

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New Employee Spotlight: Samantha

In June, we were lucky to have Sam join our Raleigh office.  She works with several of our foresters to facilitate daily operations.


Name: Samantha McRimmon

When did you start working at GFR: June 2015

Position at GFR & area of responsibility:  Administrative Assistant/Office Coordinator – support for Kent, Bruce and Mike.

Training: Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Campbell University

Favorite part of your job: I’m still new, but I have really enjoyed learning about the complex world of Forestry!

Tell us a little about yourself… I am married with 2 children –  ages 5 and 3 and live in Raleigh. We love college football, the beach, movies and live music!

Please join us in welcoming Sam!

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New Employee Spotlight- Dustin

It has been a busy year at GFR! As a result, there have been many new additions to our team.  Here’s a little information about Dustin, one of our newest foresters:


Name: Dustin Jernigan

When did you start working at GFR? October 2014

Position at GFR: Forester; Working mostly in northeastern NC and southeastern Virginia

Training: Bachelor in Forest Management from North Carolina State University

Area of Forestry Interest: Consulting

Favorite part of your job: I enjoy meeting with loggers/timber buyers. I also like taking the time to learn more about the “whole picture” of modern forestry, from site preparation to final harvest, including all parties involved.

Tell us a little about yourself…   I am from Bertie County, North Carolina. On my free time I like to hunt, fish, and spearfish. I am getting married in September of 2015 and will be moving to Washington, NC

Please join us in welcoming Dustin!

Stay tuned to meet more GFR teammates soon!

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