At GFR Forestry Consultants, we apply a progressive and professional perspective in forestry consulting and real estate brokerage while forging long-lasting personal relationships with our clients to ensure sustainable results. We encourage the creative, productive, and rewarding element of forestland ownership in our clients. GFR Forestry Consultants considers all aspects of land management and provides a comprehensive recommendation based on client goals. Our attention to detail for each project and our extensive local market knowledge make GFR Forestry Consultants the trusted source for maximizing your forestry investments.

GFR Forestry Consultants serve landowners, investors, corporations, and institutions in North & South Carolina and Virginia. We have regional offices in Raleigh, Lillington, and Asheboro, NC and field offices located throughout NC and VA. The GFR Team covers a wide range of specialties that together ensure that our clients’ goals are met with professionalism, expert advice, and superior customer service.

Forestry Inventory & Appraisal Services

GFR Forestry Consultants provides landowners of all sizes with timber volume and value estimation based on thorough on-site timber appraisals and stump cruises. One of our registered foresters will visit your property and map out the variety, size, and location of the different timber on your property. We can provide a timber trespass analysis to indicate any discrepancies in property boundaries and to prevent unintentional timber trespass or timber theft.

Forest Management Planning & Execution

After performing a thorough timber appraisal, GFR Forestry Consultants can design a forest management plan that is best for your land and your landowner goals. We will consult with you every step of the way to ensure your goals are met and that you understand why and how the necessary steps will be taken to execute your forest management plan.

A forest management plan can improve your timber stand and increase future timber sales and revenue. GFR Forestry Consultants can design and implement a reforestation or regeneration plan and a wildlife management plan that will maximize your recreational opportunities. We can help you protect your forests and timber from fire, insects, and disease. We can prevent timber trespass by determining and marking your boundary lines. GFR Forestry Consultants are experienced in real estate sales and can manage your farm and hunt leasing. In addition, we can assist you in finding which state and federal cost share programs you may be eligible for and how to take advantage of them.

Timber Sales & Marketing

The team at GFR Forestry Consultants has years of experience in timber sales, pricing, and timber marketing. We stay up-to-date with local knowledge of timber market dynamics, climate variations, pricing, local buyers, and competition. After determining your timber volume and providing a value estimation, we can help you prepare your timber sales and provide direct marketing to local buyers. A timber sale can receive numerous bids for different parts of the sale. GFR Forestry Consultants will ensure that you and your timber are fully represented at market and ensure that you get the most our of your timber stand.

Long Term/Estate Planning

Owning rural property and timberland can be a valuable investment opportunity , however, it is necessary to have a professional, certified forester to fully evaluate your land and timber before making any market decisions. GFR Forestry Consultants apply local market knowledge and business savvy to provide a timber basis determination of your stand and help you achieve the full potential of your forestry investment. Our forestry and real estate consultants can also assist your with tax planning and use tax value determination for your agricultural or rural property.

Wood Flow & Logistics

GFR Forestry Consultants can provide Supply Chain Consulting Services for your timber sales or agricultural businesses, in order to streamline the distribution of your products and the communication between you and your buyers and sellers. Considering dynamic market demands, transport considerations, and pricing, we can help you reduce costs and increase flexibility for your business transactions. Our consultants can help you manage your supply and stay on top of business agreements.

Real Estate Sales & Consulting

GFR Forestry Consultants have professional and certified real estate brokers on staff who specialize in facilitating the buying and selling of rural properties including farms, hunting land, timber land and more. See our properties page for the most recent listings and contact one of your brokers today if you are interested in buying or selling real estate.

Our real estate services also include marketing plans that feature signage, print ads in major regional publications, listings on the GFR properties website, and direct marketing to adjacent landowners, larger landowners, real estate firms, and industry professionals. We are open to broker co-operations and we help facilitate land acquisitions, like-kind exchanges or trades, and rural property development and planning.

Resource Studies:

GFR offers biomass resource services that look at all aspects of a proposed wood to energy facility in a specific location.  These studies determine the amount and availability of a forest product (biomass, logs, pulpwood) as it relates to cost, availability, and competition.  We determine if the location is suitable for certified products, sustainability, and long term wood supply agreements.  We can also assist with negotiations for wood supply partners and other issues related to the use of forest products.    The studies are concluded with a written report.  Our traditional forestry services background has given us a unique position to assist with projects in the wood to energy field.  Our firm has over 120 years of forest resources experience in land management and wood procurement.  Our primary working area is the US south and east coast but we have extensive contacts in most other areas to complete the studies.  Please contact me if we can assist with a project or if you need more information and references.